My most wonderful present: a King’s Singers Concert

10 Iulie 2011 at 20:48 1 comentariu

I’ve been waiting for this for the last 7 months! My birthday, in December last year, arrived with the most incredible present: tickets to a King’s Singers Concert! Why is this so unbelievably amazing? Because I’m Romanian, I sing in the SOUND Choir in Bucharest and we all love the King’s Singers and strive to get to one of their concerts, but they didn’t yet arrive to Romania.

Back in December, I only knew that I will move to England sometime this year, but no date was already established. Also, last night’s concert in Hull was their only concert booked for UK. Yes, Hull, 4h driving away from the town where I was supposed to move, but it didn’t matter. But I knew, when I received it, that I would travel especially to listen to them, even if I hadn’t moved there.

So the day arrived, and I travelled to Hull for the concert organised by the Salvation Army that had them invited to sing.

At the end the members came in the lobby to sign on CDs and score books and I waited a little bit if I could get them all to take a picture with me. Pretty hard. But Christopher Gabbitas, their baritone, was so amazingly open and showed a real pleasure in listening to my story and in agreeing to take a picture with me.

Great concert, great voices! I burst into tears during the first song, as they reminded me of the joy of choral singing and the medicine that it is for a human heart, mine especially. They made me remember my choir SOUND in Romania and realise how much I miss having this activity. There’s only been a month since I moved here and I only started work two weeks ago. I didn’t want to start any activity in my free time yet, thinking that I would wait first and see what job I’ll find and what free time I’ll have to then see which of my hobbies I can fit in my free time. Weird, isn’t it, to adapt your hobbies according to your job, and not the other way around 😉 (That is if for a while you can’t make your hobby your job).

Well, thank you King’s Singers, not only for the amazing moments that you offered me last night, but for the fact that then, while you were on stage, during your second song, I knew that I want to start singing lessons immediately. I spent the last 8 years of my life in the SOUND Choir in Bucharest, performing as a group, not paying so much attention to my individual voice and training it. Last night I knew for certain that this is the thing with which I should start here. Thank you.


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  • 1. pinguilde  |  11 Iulie 2011 la 20:28

    Ma bucur mult pentru tine, bafta si mai ales have fun!


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