Mr. Thank You

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His name is Mr. Thank You.

His eyes say „Thank you!” in an extremely beautiful way. In fact, his whole body says „Thank you!” once with his mouth. I never thought I would see someone involved in this „Thank you!” line more than I would be. I have never seen someone meaning and conveying so much appreciation and help acknowledgment through these words. He looks you continuously in the eye, for several seconds in a row, stands still, pauses and then, slowly, meaning every single letter, he says „Thank you!”.

He never does it in a hurry and never forgets to thank people once again before ending the conversation. I use to thank people almost as beatifully as he does. I remember what always surprised me: right after thanking someone, I rarely received a response of the same intensity. People don’t know how to take it. I do. So I thank him for all the moments when he thanked me so beatifully and moreover, I thank him for responding to my „Thank you!”s so intensely, with the attitude I longed for so much.

I don’t even start to mention the incredibly simple and unique reasons that he finds to thank someone. I thank him for existing.

Thank you.

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